Online Counseling

Telehealth/teletherapy/online therapy is the new way to get all of your therapy needs met without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps you're worried about running into a coworker while trying to work on building new skills. Or maybe you're scared that you will be judged as you wait for your appointment in the office or just want to not feel stressed trying to get to your appointments on time. 

Online therapy solves all these issues. It allows you to meet with me via a HIPPA compliant video conferencing site in order to discuss your struggles. Want to stay in yoga pants or even sweatpants for your sessions? Great!

Research shows that online therapy provides the same benefits on mental health like in person sessions. In fact, retention in therapy services are actually higher with online therapy. Telehealth also allows for greater flexibility of your time. 

I offer telehealth evening sessions.


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