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I am an out of network (OON) provider with most insurance companies as of right now. This means that I will not be submitting a claim through your insurance companies.  However, I can submit your claims in a different way! See below! 

Health insurance is great to utilize! However, sometimes insurance can get in the way of you getting the level of care you deserve. With mental health services, there are three main issues to consider when trying to use your benefits:

  1. Privacy concerns. When you use your insurance, your records can be viewed by the agency. This can cause people harm if you work in fields (e.g., the army, politics, ect.) where your diagnosis can bite you in the behind. 
  2. Insurance companies are in charge of your care. When using insurance, your therapist may not be able to provide services deemed unnecessary by the insurance company. Only diagnosable conditions are covered, the length of service can be shorten, and you may be limited in how many sessions you're able to have per week.  All of which means you aren’t always necessarily getting the most appropriate care.
  3. Overworked clinicians. Clinicians who take insurance are able to see more clients than private pay clinicians. This can potentially lead to burnout in places that accept insurance and you suffering in the end. 
  4. More costly. Believe it or not, many times you end of paying more for therapy when billing insurance. This varies on a case by case basis, but if you have a high deductible to meet, you are often coming out of pocket more than you would if you pay out of pocket. 
Private pay allows you a lot more control of your mental health services. It helps you:
  • Get the Care You Actually Need. Simply put, you won’t be limited in your care! Choose any therapist you want, and get the care you need regardless of whether or not you have a diagnosable condition.
  • Get as Many Sessions as You Need.  No longer do you have to worry about limited numbers of appointments. You can have as many as you want to heal. 
  • Get Fully Focused Care. Work with a clinician who has more time and freedom to heal you and help you prosper in life. 
Want to use your Out-of-Network (OON) insurance benefits?
I can provide you a monthly Superbill (receipt for services provided) where you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Out-of-network benefits, often included with HMO and PPO plans, allow you to see any therapist regardless of whether they're in network. You will still need to pay for the appointment up-front and provided a diagnosis for seeing a therapist.

You can take advantage of your HSA account and/or FSA accounts to cover your costs. I have a guide I can provide you to help you determine your OON benefits.

Additionally, I am utilizing a site called Thrizer. It is completely free to clients and allows me to send your superbill to get reimbursed. You will still have to pay up front but you can get assistance with submitting the claim.

Call today to get started on your journey!

Intake Session $225 for 80 mins.

Includes a detail assessment and treatment plan for our work together.

Follow up sessions $150 for 50 mins.

Weekly or biweekly sessions where we continue the work established during the intake appointment.

Relationship Counseling $180 for 50 mins.

I do not bill insurance for couples' therapy. My goal is to help couples develop healthier communication, identify negative thinking patterns, and managing conflict within the relationship. Due to this and no diagnosis being assigned, insurance companies do not usually reimburse for these types of sessions since it is not "medically necessary".