Hi, I'm Ashley! imageHi, I'm Ashley! image
Thank you for being here!

I'm Ashley, a self-proclaimed Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, a wannabe gym buff, a lover of all things creative, and a rpg video game enthusiast.

Let me get real with you (though really, I am all those things above in my head!). That is why you have clicked on my page, yes? You are wanting to know who am I and how I can help you. You want to see if I'm a real human or just another therapist with a blank face who is a master at head nods and "how does that make you feel".  I can go on about my credentials to show that I am able to help you, sure, but I don't think that is what you are wanting to hear.

I decided to pursue a therapy practice because it helped me grow during the most painful times. I know what it is like to feel self-doubt, worthless, ashamed, and defeated. You have to hide all of these big emotions because of work or fear of sticking up for yourself. I know what it is like to be stuck in a pattern that is hard to break because I did not understand how to see past it. Trust me, I get it.

I kept going because I wanted to be heard and learn new ways to see the world. Through therapy, I learned that I was not the only person who also felt and processed these experiences and there was a way through the dark, heavy clouds.

Because of therapy, I learned:
  • Being highly sensitive is my superpower and I'm sticking with it
  • My traumas doesn't have to define who I am
  • Anxiety and depression ebbs and flow and there are ways to manage them
  • Disordered eating does not have to take every ounce of space in your head
  • The keys to a successful relationship
  • Imposter syndrome is a jerk who needs to go away with a firm kick in the ass.  
Being a Therapist has been a great honor that I hold dearly to me. It warms my heart to play a role in helping people move towards inner strengths and develop abilities they did not know they were capable of. It is indescribable to watch you walk away feeling strong, bolder in your resolve, and excited about stepping into your new life. I would love working with you and love to see you go because that means, YOU did the work.

I am invested in your care and will show up ready to do the work and get in the ring with you. People who know me would say I'm bubbly but direct. I'm the kind of person who will laugh with you till I'm blue in the face while also holding you accountable so you will develop the skills necessary to thrive instead of exist. I hope you bring your true self to our sessions or perhaps pieces of yourself until you can trust me. Just start the process and I promise, I will meet you there!