Self-esteem/Self-worth Difficulties

Have you gotten to a place where every day you wake up, it is hard to look yourself in the mirror? Maybe you even struggle with saying "I like myself." Or perhaps you're reflecting on past experiences and feeling like the "you" that was present is gone. 

In a world where society is constantly telling us that we are flawed, self-worth can be difficult for most people to have. The expectation to be the one who has their "shit" together is exhausting. I know because this was something I struggled with myself while I was secretly wanting to explode! 

Most of my life had been spent wishing things could be different or "I should have said this" and "anything but that." I walked through life wanting to be perfect for someone else and not for myself. I was miserable because I was trying to make everyone else happy, while denying my own opinions and feelings. 

Let us work together to find the cause of what is dragging down your self-esteem and making you feel like you can't be the person you were meant to be. Being your authentic self is freeing and no one should have to hide that.