Eating Disorder


You're sitting there, empty wrappers or plates in front of you with no food left on it. Your stomach feels tight and perhaps your favorite show just got to the credits as you finished your plate.  You finished your plate because Aunt Sally told you that you "should" do so. A minute may have passed... perhaps seconds at this point and then...


You get up to look at yourself in the mirror and you start to see yourself. You feel guilty because you know "better". You feel shame because no one should "indulge" themselves with so much food. Perhaps you tell yourself that you will skip the next couple of meals to make up for the food you just consumed. If you skip meals, that definitely makes up for the insane amounts of food you just consumed. No one would ever have to know about this little secret because it will not happen again. 

Perhaps you even go to the gym to work out the excess calories. It was just a fluke and it will not happen again! Then another stressor happens and you find yourself right back on the couch or your bed, eating on other trigger foods because your emotions are just too big to handle. You feel out of control and food seems to be the only thing that makes those feelings feel more manageable. 


Eating disorders can feel like they're all encompassing and leave you feeling out of control. Thoughts about food and your body can feel like a broken cassette tape in your head. You likely have the belief that you're not good enough- especially when it comes to your body. 

Food does not have to feel like this enemy you are battling constantly. Food can be a companion instead of the friend you wish you could lend on. Food does not have to feel like a dirty secret that you have to hide from important people in your life. 

Let us explore about how the food is not really the problem that you feel it is having on your life.